Just "Showing Up" Lands SWHS Alum a Top Gun Gig

2015 Southwest High School Salutatorian Natalie Sahagun stopped by to visit with Southwest High School aviation and physics students. Natalie was recently inducted into the inaugural class of the Dragon Aviation Hall of Fame. The Dragon Aviation Hall of Fame celebrates SWISD Alumni who are successful in various technology fields, were members of SWISD technology clubs in high school, and have come back to volunteer with or mentor current SWISD students. Natalie is a Flight Test Systems Engineer in the Weapons Division of Lockheed Martin Aeronautics. Yes, the Skunk Works team from the Top Gun: Maverick movie, and a former member of the Southwest Engineering Team. Reflecting back on her engineering career, Natalie says, “It was completely unplanned, the SW Engineering Team was building a two person solar car for competition and my friend asked me to be a passenger because of my small stature. I realized that they were building an entire car for a race and I felt like I was missing out. I saw the opportunity to learn, I kept showing up and asking a lot of questions. Eventually I became a part of the team.” The rest is history.
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