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Guidance Program

The Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program is a developmental program that addresses the guidance needs of all students by facilitating and enhancing their development in the areas of academic achievement, career development, personal/social skills and community involvement. The program also has a significant impact on a positive and safe learning environment. Concurrently assisting students as they face issues and resolve problems that may hinder their healthy development. 

Guidance Program activities and services are delivered through the four Comprehensive Guidance and Counseling Program components: 

Guidance Services: large structured group and classroom presentations designed to be preventative, proactive and articulated developmentally K-12. 

Responsive Services: individual counseling, small-group counseling, consultation, and referral to meet immediate needs that may be impacting student success. 

Individual Counseling Services: activities that assist each student in setting and achieving individual academic, career, and personal/social goals and in pursuing community involvement. 

System Support Services: activities that promote the infusion of the counseling components throughout the entire school program, including program management, professional development, staff and community collaboration and consultation, committee participation, and research and development. 

The CGC Program of Southwest ISD provides all students with regular opportunities to acquire solid foundation knowledge and skills in academic development, career development, personal and social development and community involvement. The knowledge and skills in these areas represent the Student Content Standards of the CGC Program as follows:

Guidance Curriculum: 7 Areas of Focus

  • Self-confidence Development 
  • Motivation to Achieve 
  • Decision-making, Goal-setting, Planning, and Problem-solving Skills 
  • Interpersonal Effectiveness 
  • Communication Skills 
  • Cross-cultural Effectiveness 
  • Responsible Behavior 

High School Level Recommended Percentages:

15%-25% guidance curriculum 

25%-35% responsive services 

25%-35% individual planning 

15%-20% system support 

0% non-guidance