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About the Library


Dragon Library Policies

*Students:   3 books at a time for 3 weeks. If you have an existing library debt, you may have 1 book for 3 weeks. All outstanding debts must be resolved before graduation.  Items may be renewed as long as no one is waiting for that item.  Parents are also permitted to check out books from the Dragon Library.

*Teachers & Staff:  May check out 25 items for a loan period of 3 weeks.    

 *You may request books from other libraries in the district. If the resource is available, please allow 3 days for the request to be processed. 

*If you would like to recommend a title or additional services, please let the librarian know. This is your library!


Dewey Decimal System:  

Where Do I find what I want to READ?

000 Computer Science, Information and General Works

100 Philosophy and Psychology

200 Religion

300 Social Sciences

400 Language

500 Science

600 Applied Science/Technology

700 History and Geography

800 Literature

900 History and

920 Collective Biography

B Biography

SC Story Collection

F Fiction

E Everybody (Children’s Books)

SP Spanish

REF Reference

PRO Professional